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Lapu-Lapu City Government Celebrates 63rd Charter Day

01 July 2024

Lapu-Lapu City Government Celebrates 63rd Charter Day
The Lapu-Lapu City Government, led by Mayor Junard "Ahong" Chan, Vice Mayor Celedonio Sitoy, and the City Council, in collaboration with the House of Representatives Office of Congresswoman Cindi King-Chan, celebrated the 63rd Charter Day at the Hoops Dome in Barangay Gun-ob.
The event was also graced by the presence of Happy Calatrava, the Regional Chairperson of the Tingog Partylist for the Visayas, representing Congresswoman Yedda Marie Romualdez as the guest of honor.
Vice Mayor Sitoy opened the program with a welcome speech, reminiscing about the city's history from its early days as the "Municipality of Opon" to its independence in 1961 through Republic Act 3134. The act, known as the City Charter of Lapu-Lapu, was signed on June 17, 1961, by Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia, with Mariano Dimataga, the last municipal mayor, becoming the first city mayor.
He highlighted the city's progress over the years, marked by urbanization milestones such as the construction of the first bridge, the establishment of the international airport, and the creation of the Mactan Economic Processing Zone (MEPZ).
In his ceremonial speech, Mayor Chan expressed deep gratitude and appreciation for the citizens' dedication to serving the Oponganons, especially through the challenges posed by the pandemic and Typhoon Odette. The typhoon hit the city at the start of Misa de Gallo in 2021, significantly impacting the bustling community but failing to dampen its indomitable spirit.
“Our resilience, our collective actions, and our unity as Oponganon people were our secret weapons to weather the storms. Much has already been done, but still, much remains to be done,” Mayor Chan said.
Mayor Chan also outlined his administration's vision for a more progressive Lapu-Lapu City, aiming to provide better opportunities and quality of life for all residents.
Congresswoman Cindi King-Chan also spoke, recognizing the collective efforts of the Oponganon community towards progress. “In our shared journey, we continue to draw strength from our diversity and courage from our unity. On this 63rd Charter anniversary, we celebrate the upliftment of the lives of the common Oponganons and highlight our commitment to good governance,” said Congresswoman Chan.
Happy Calatrava, representing Tingog Partylist, emphasized the importance of maintaining unity within the community.
The ceremony included an award presentation honoring seven barangay captains for their invaluable contributions over 13 years of public service. The honorees were:
Hon. Romulo Wagwag - Brgy. Baring
Hon. Isabelito Darnayla - Brgy. Basak
Hon. Ranilo Abayan - Brgy. Caohagan
Hon. Lucrecia Amores - Brgy. Marigondon
Hon. Virgilio Casiao - Brgy. Pangan-an
Hon. Nelson Melancolico - Brgy. Sabang
Hon. Cyrus Eyas - Brgy. San Vicente
Mayor Chan also looked forward to the upcoming mega reclamation project, which will feature a commercial center, a business hub, an economic zone, and a recreation park.
“What was once just a dream is now becoming a reality. Let us continue the progress we have started. Long live our city; long live all of us. Happy Charter Day, everyone,” Mayor Chan concluded, greeting all attendees at the Hoops Dome.
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